Latvia, the official name — The Republic of Latvia- is located in north-eastern Europe at the shores of the Baltic Sea with unique maritime climate. Latvia is the central Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Country has an 1862 km long border including 494 km long coastline along which occur contless fishing villages whose history stretches up to 1000 years ago. The territory of Latvia is relatively small 64 589 km2 however hides a high varieaty of natural landscape objects. The landscape of Latvia is characterized by lowlands and hilly uplands. Most part of the country is elevated not higher than 100 m above sea level, with no high mountains but plenty of rivers and lakes, and swaps and forests. Latvia is the place where in less than an hour drive from urbanised areas it is possible to reach small villages, historical castles and manors and even untouched nature. Capital city Riga founded in 1201 - hides an unique architecture developed through several centuries, especially noted Art Noveu. Riga – city where history breath lives however naturally coexists with modern contemporary way of life and hosting great hotels and restaurants.

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